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Modified: August 30, 2019

Calculate the Correct Chinese Zodiac Birth Time

Time Zone

Before 1982, Singapore's time zone was UTC+7:30. Today, the standard time of Singapore is UTC+8:00 hours, which is the time of the East Longitude 120 degree. The longitude of Singapore is 103.8 degrees. The difference between 103.8 and 120 degrees is about 68 minutes. It's very confusing for people to know what their correct birth time for Chinese astrology.

Time Zone in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has the same issue as Singapore. The longitude of the Kuala Lumpur is 101.4 degrees. The time difference between the time of Kuala Lumpur and standard UTC +8 time is 74 minutes. Before 1982, Kuala Lumpur used the time zone of UTC+7:30.

The time zone of New Delhi, India is UTC+5:30, which is the time of the East Longitude 82.5 degree. The longitude of the New Delhi is 77.2 degrees. The difference between 77.2 and 82.5 degrees is about 29 minutes. The correct birth time of people in New Delhi should minus 29 minutes from their official birth hour.

Birth Time Hand Calculation by Time Zone and Longitude

We have 24 time zones around the world. One time zone is one hour long. The circle of the globe is 360 degrees. Therefore, a time zone is 15 degrees. One degree is four minutes. To do the hand calculation, you have to know the time zone your country used at birth and the longitude of your birthplace.

Singapore - October 3, 1978, at 03:18 AM

The time zone of Singapore is UTC/GMT+8. which means 8 hours ahead Greenwich Mean Time. The GMT+8 is the time of eastern longitude 120 degrees. The GMT+8 is from east longitude 115.5 to east longitude 127.5.

The city's longitude of Singapore is 103.8 degrees, which is not inside the GMT+8. The time zone of Singapore in 1978 was UTC+7.5, which is the time of east longitude 112.5 degrees. The difference between the two longitudes is 112.5 - 103.8 = 8.7 degrees. Since one degree is 4 minutes. 8.7 degree is about 35 minutes.

03:18 AM - 35 minutes = 02:45 AM. The birth time of 03:18 AM at longitude 112.5 of UTC+7.5 is the time of 02:45 AM at the city of Singapore.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - May 8, 1978, at 12:30

Time zone of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is UTC/GMT+7.5, which is east longitude 112.5 degrees. The city's Longitude of Kuala Lumpur is east longitude 101.68 degrees. The difference between 112.5 and 101.68 is 10.82 degrees. Since one degree is 4 minutes. 10.82 degree is about 43 minutes.

12:30 PM - 43 minutes = 11:57 AM. The birth time of 12:30 PM at longitude 112.5 of UTC+7.5 is the time of 11:57 AM in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

If the birth year is 2019, then the time zone of Kuala Lumpur is UTC/GMT+8, which is east longitude 120 degrees. The difference between 120 and 101.68 is 18.32 degrees. 18.32 degree is about 73 minutes. Then the birth time should be 11:27 AM. because of 12:30 PM - 73 minutes = 11:27 AM.

New Delhi, India - November 9, 1981, at 15:04

The time zone of New Delhi, India was UTC/GMT+5.5, which is east longitude 82.5 degrees. The city's longitude of New Delhi is east longitude 77.2 degree. The difference of 82.5 - 77.2 is 5.3 degrees, which is about 21 minutes.

15:04 PM - 21 minutes = 14:43 PM. The birth time of 15:04 PM at longitude 8.5 of UTC+5.5 is the time of 14:43 PM at the city of New Delhi.



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