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The Power of Life Balance Charts

Chinese Astrology Life Balance ChartIn the web page of Concise Chinese Astrology (Find the secret of your Life), displays people's Rise and Fall Life Bar Chart simply by using the balance theory of Five Elements. The chart is quite accountable after testing hundreds of birth data.

The nine red bar charts are calculated from people's Chinese astrology major cycles. Many people can see their best 10 years from this chart. In order to find the real lucky years, some people need to see the detail Life Balance Chart, which are calculated from major cycles and annual cycles and can be found in the Chinese Fortune Angel software.

How good is the Five Element Life Balance Chart?

If you are not old enough, you might not know the value of the Life Balance Chart. The easiest way to find the Life Balance Chart is accountable or not is to try the celebrity birth data. The following demonstrations of celebrity birth data using the Life Balance Chart and the Opportunity Chart are provided by the Chinese Fortune Angel software.

Donald Trump 2019 New45th US President
Donald Trump 201645th US President
Prince GeorgeSon of Prince William, United Kingdom
Ronald ReaganUS President 1981-1989
Bill ClintonUS President 1993-2001
George W. BushUS 43rd President 2001
Bill GatesMicrosoft Founder
Arnold SchwarzeneggerActor and Politician
Princess DianaPrincess of Wales
John LennonThe Beatles
Martin Luther KingPolitician
Jeremy Lin - LinsanityAmerican Professional Basketball Player
Michael JacksonAmerican Pop Singer
O. J. SimpsonSportsman
Saddam HusseinIraq President
Sean FederlineSon of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline
Suri CruiseDaughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Sam Alexis WoodsDaughter of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren
Britney Spears American Pop Singer
Tiger WoodsAmerican Professional Golfer
Barack Obama 200844th US President
Barack Obama 2012 US President 2009-2017
Hillary ClintonFormer First Lady for President
Angelina JolieAmerican Movie Star
Angelina Jolie's TwinsTwin Boy and Girl of Angelina Jolie
Mark ZuckerbergFacebook Co-Founder
Adam Lanza Gunman of Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012

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