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You can use the application to schedule your date for job interview, business trip, appointment, dating, party, meeting, first day on job, even gambling. Before using this Daily Chinese Horoscopes, we assume that you already know your Rise and Fall Chart and Lucky Element from Master Tsai's Chinese astrology. You have an idea about the outline of your fortune.

The Daily Chinese Horoscope here is not using the zodiac animal signs to do the prediction. The main foundation is from the traditional Chinese Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) fortune-telling theory. Using the Five Element relationships, the Daily Chinese Horoscope tells you what will be happening regarding to your money, career, health, love and fame.

You can select the any future day of the year to preview the Chinese horoscope prediction. If you see your Lucky Element appearing in the daily cycle and monthly cycle, then that implies you have better luck on that day. So you can plan your future events easily and comfortably.

Select your birthday, birth time, birth time zone, gender, and prediction date below. The birth time should be the standard time, not daylight saving time. To click the 'Submit' button in the form will reveal your Chinese horoscopes on your selected day. The prediction is not allowed for age under 18.

To find your time zone is to click here. To find the US Daylight Saving Time is to click here.

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