Chinese Fortune Calendar Baby Gender Survey

Chinese Fortune Calendar needs 2000 women help for Baby Gender Prediction

In order to provide a good prediction about the Baby Gender for women before the pregnancy from Chinese Fortune Calendar, we need thousands of testing birth data for our Chinese astrology logic. We need women to help provide us their birth data and the birthdays of their children. Therefore, we can tell people the accuracy of our Baby Gender prediction.

We like women give us their exact birth hour and minute. Also, we need to know the birth time is during daylight saving time or not. We need at least 1,000 cases. Hopefully, we can collect more than 2,000. If you have more than one child, you need to enter one child at a time.

Please don't enter data for survey, if you don't know your birth hour or forgot your child's birth hour.

Woman's Birth Data

Women's Birth Year Month Day Hour Minute

Birth Location Daylight Saving Time

Child's Birthday and Gender

Child's Birth Year Month Day Hour Minute

Daylight Saving Time

Gender  Male  Female          

Thank you very much for your support.

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