Chinese Five ElementsChinese Five Elements - Foundation of Chinese Horoscopes

This is Chinese Five Element Menu. You can find all Five Element theory, Calendar, weights, scores, charts and guides for Chinese horoscopes. It also includes the Chinese Stemp-Branch Zodiac calendars, and reveals the relationships between Zodiac signs and Five Elements.

Chinese Five Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Five Elements are also divided into Yin and Yang (Female and Male). Ten elements are called Stems. Chinese Astrology calendar has 12 zodiac animal symbols, which are called Branches. Each zodiac sign contains different ingredients of Five Elements. Therefore, Five Elements are the basic foundation to learn Chinese Astrology.

Chinese Astrology Birth Chart contains four pairs of Five Element Zodiac signs. We need to find out much much weights (scores) inside the birth chart. Then we can use Five Element balance theory to find our lucky element, color, season, time and places using the Five Elements Application Chart. The following educational articles contain Five Element Basic Background and the Chinese astrology calendar application to find the Five Element weights.

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