Five Elements in the Zodiac Animal Signs

Stems in the Branches

  The Hidden Elements in Zodiac Animal Signs

Ancient Chinese Yin Yang Five Element scholars assigned Five Elements to the seasons - Wood for the spring, Fire for the summer, Fall for the autumn, Water for the winter and Earth for between-the-season. When applying Five Elements on the Chinese calendar, Yin Yang scholars observed and counted the days of the seasons. Then assigned the Yin Yang Five Elements into the months. The 12 months are equivalent to the 12 zodiac signs. Every animal sign, earthly branch, contains one or more Yin Yang elements. Since the scholars in the different dynasties have different opinions. The following chart is found a little bit difference in Chinese ancient astrology books. The following is using by most of professional Chinese fortune tellers today.

Animal Sign Five Elements  Element Name
Female Water
Female Earth, Female Water, Female Metal
Male Wood, Male Fire, Male Earth
Female Wood
Male Earth, Female Wood, Female Water
Male Fire, Male Earth, Male Metal
Female Fire, Female Earth
Female Earth, Female Fire, Female Wood
Male Metal, Male Water, Male Earth
Female Metal
Male Earth, Female Metal, Female Fire
Male Water, Male Wood

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