Master Tsai   The Personality and Five Elements in Chinese Astrology

The Relationship between Personality and Five Elements

Master Tsai's Chinese Astrology tells people their Lucky Element and the Rise and Fall Life Chart. It also gives people the Five Element weights inside their Chinese astrology birth chart. People have different Five Element weights in their Birth Chart. Each element implies one kind of personality. The Metal-type person is righteous, the Water-type person is smart, the Wood-type person is kind, the Fire-type person is polite and the Earth-type person is trustful. Because a person's Birth Chart usually contains five elements, there will always be mixed personalities.

If the weight of Metal is much higher than other four elements, then the person should be very righteous. If the weights of Metal and Earth are much higher than the other three elements, then the person's personality traits are righteous and trustful.

Each element has a good and bad side of personality. If the weight of an element is between 30 and 90, that implies a good side of personality. If the weight of an element is less than 25 or greater than 95, that implies a bad side of personality. All other weights imply mixing the good and the bad side of the personality.

Metal-Type Personality
Water-Type Personality
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