The Cycle of the Life - 12 Stages

The center point of the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart is the Day Master. The strength of Day Master can breaks down into 12 stages, just like the cycle of human life in Chinese Astrology. Below are their Names.

Begin of a life - something just happen (Conception)
Raise the fetus (Breeding)
Give birth the new life (Birth)
Go to school (Childhood)
Become an adult (Adulthood)
Find job and earn money (Career)
Reach career highest position (Summit)
Getting weak (Decline)
Get sick (Sickness)
Die (Death)
The final home - Tomb (Grave)
Become Nothing - Vanish (Extinct)

These stage names come from the relationship between Stems and Branches in the following.

The 12 Branches can be the names of 12 months. It's a cycle of a year. Each stem has a different power level each month.

The 12 Branches can be the names of Chinese astrological cycles. The Day Master has different strengths in different cycles.

Therefore, the main purpose of 12 Life Stages is to identify the power level of an element.

The sequence of the power level is . The first three are considered as a powerful group. The last four are the weakest group.

However, we don't have to count on 12 Life Cycle Stages, if you know what elements hiding inside the animals. It's more important to remember what stems in branches than 12 stages.

Where Do Chinese 12-Branch Symbols Come From?

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